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Nature as Muse

Posted on | April 20, 2024 | Comments Off on Nature as Muse

Since the earliest days of humankind, people have been making art. From the beginning until now, the natural world has been a major source of inspiration. Some artists only wish to replicate the beauty of what they see in nature and others put their own stamp on things, modifying color or form for more impact or to personalize their vision. Abstraction can be a way to express the feelings of an artist about some aspect of nature without actually depicting it.

“Nature as Muse” explores the full gamut, from antique traditional landscapes to contemporary visions of natural phenomena, to non-objective abstractions inspired by nature. Featuring Douglas Ballou, Catherine Daley, Robin Dintiman, Holly Downing, Molly Eckler, Pamela Glasscock, James Ford Grant, Tim Haworth, Iva Hladis, Jill London, Carolyn Lord, Lucy Martin, Carol Peek, Michael Ramos, Stephanie Sanchez, Steve Swentson and Inna Talantova. And as usual a selection from our vintage collection.

“Nature as Muse” has been extended through June 29th, 2024. Click on the images for larger views and artist information. Please note images are not to scale. All works are available for purchase – contact the gallery for pricing and details























































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