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Robin A Dintiman


     From My Heart by Robin Dintiman, Bronze, 22-1/2 x 14-1/2 x 9-1/2 – two views

Spring of Split Pear by Robin Dintiman, Photogravure, 2/3, 18 x 24

Bones with Veil by Robin Dintiman, 2014, etching, collograph, encaustic, sown “Ad Hoc” print, 32 x 40

Book of the Dead by Robin A Dintiman, 2019, photogravure of a sculpture made of bees wax, dried narcissus, bamboo and wood, 1/3, 22 x 30

Book of the Dead: Homage to Rosso by Robin A Dintiman, 2019, Photogravure of a sculpture made of dried oak leaves, bamboo, cardboard and wood glue, 1/3m 22 x 30

Dorlands Oaks: Vulnerable “Breast of the Tree” by Robin A Dintiman, 2019, Photogravure, 5 x 5

Dorlands Oaks: Vulnerable “Side by Side” by Robin A Dintiman, 2019, Photogravure, 5 x 5

Dorlands Oaks: Vulnerable “Vulnerable Legs” by Robin A Dintiman, 2019, Photogravure, 5 x 5

Thin as Our Skin: Solistalgia Seeds by Robin A Dintiman, 2021, Vegan home grown leather, crystalized African Daisy seeds, Purple Sage Thistles, antique bell jar, African Mahogany


Dintiman’s work is characterized by a deep connection to nature. Whether she is working directly with objects found in nature or taking nature as her subject, Dintiman strives to capture the intimate, emotional quality of certain natural settings, suffused as they are with time, change, and personal memory.

Dintiman has taught at CCA as well as other CA colleges, THE RENAISSANCE ARTS SCHOOL and the San Francisco Arts Foundation; she is on the faculty at the Manhattan Graphics Center. Dintiman has received fellowships from the Yaddo Corporation, Dorland’s Mountain Colony, Haystack School and Cooper Union. Her work—including sculptures, prints, drawings, and collages—has been exhibited in venues such as ICPNY, Christy’s Mid Town and many venues across the country and abroad. Her works are included in permanent collections of the Philadelphia Art Museum, the National Museum for Women in the Arts, the Chrysler Museum and The Arkansas Museum of Art, Grace Cathedral San Francisco and Toyobo Senior Center, Osaka, Japan.

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