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Ray Jacobsen

Ray Jacobsen (January 19, 1938 – September 3, 2007)


Untitled by Ray Jacobsen, 1967, Mixed Media on Panel, 49×37

Untitled by Ray Jacobsen, 1967, Mixed Media on Panel, 37×49

Night Scene by Ray Jacobsen, 1968, Mixed Media on Panel, 37×49

Genesis 7 by Ray Jacobsen, 1969, Mixed Media on Canvas, 16×16

Genesis 11 by Ray Jacobsen, 1969, Mixed Media on Canvas, 18×24

Homage a Rothko by Ray Jacobsen, 1969, Mixed Media, 57×51

Shell Form (Gift from the Sea) by Ray Jacobsen, 1970, Oil on Canvas, 43×61

Buckeye by Ray Jacobsen, 1972, Watercolor, 14×18

Colorado Rocks I by Ray Jacobsen, 1972, Acrylic on Watercolor Paper, 15×22

Winter Shadows by Ray Jacobsen, 1975, Watercolor, 12×22 – No longer available

Untitled by Ray Jacobsen, 1976, Oil on Canvas, 24×30

Thunderbolt by Ray Jacobsen, 1979, Watercolor, 17×13

Untitled by Ray Jacobsen, 1982, Acrylic on Canvas, 48×72

Badlands by Ray Jacobsen, 1985, Watercolor, 20×28 – SOLD

Summer Storm by Ray Jacobsen, 1985, Watercolor, 20×28

Evening Clouds III by Ray Jacobsen, 1986, Oil on Canvas, 28×36

Dusk II by Ray Jacobsen, 1989, Oil on Canvas, 25×29 – SOLD

Mendocino Coast IV by Ray Jacobsen, 1991, Watercolor, 20×28 – SOLD

Willow Creek Valley II by Ray Jacobsen, 1992, Graphite on Paper, 14×18

Earth Forms II by Ray Jacobsen, 1997, Mixed Media, 36×47

Earth Forms IV (Cosmos IV) by Ray Jacobsen, 1997, Mixed Media on Canvas, 32×41

El Verano 10 by Ray Jacobsen, 1998, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36×48

View from Mt. Tam by Ray Jacobsen, 2000, Oil on Canvas, 25×31 – SOLD

Ranjapoor Limes 4 by Ray Jacobsen, 2001, Watercolor, 20×28

Eruption I by Ray Jacobsen, 2001, Mixed Media on Canvas, 37×35 – SOLD

Eruption II by Ray Jacobsen, 2001, Mixed Media on Canvas, 27×41

Poppies + Vineyards by Ray Jacobsen, 2002, Watercolor, 20×28 – SOLD

Poppies, Lupines + Vineyards by Ray Jacobsen, 2002, 20×28

Landscape by Ray Jacobsen, 1966, Mixed Media, 27×36 – No longer available

Trinidad III by Ray Jacobsen, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 24×29

Alexandra by Ray Jacobsen, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 36×24

Untitled by Ray Jacobsen, 2006, Watercolor, 11×14

Ray Jacobsen was born on January 19, 1938 in Englewood Colorado. The family lived in many places due to his father’s work with the military. After his parents’ divorce in 1947, Ray, his mother, brother and sister moved to Sonoma.

At a very young age, Ray showed an interest and talent in art. In his second year at Sonoma Valley High School, he met his mentor, art teacher Jean Yates, fresh out of the Chicago Art Institute. To quote Ray, “He was the catalyst who made me aware of my talents. From then on there was never any question in my mind about my
life’s vocation.”

After high school Ray was faced with the draft and, unable to attend art school due to his family’s limited finances, he enlisted in the Army and was sent to Korea. After his return he worked several jobs, got married and started a family. By his late 20s he was able to support his family through the sale of his paintings.

Ray spent the rest of his life fully devoted to his art. In 1975, he met his soul-mate and fellow artist Barbara. They married in 1977 and continued their journey together until his death on September 3, 2007.

My paintings blend realism and the surreal in a unique interpretation of our hills and valleys. My deep personal love of the natural beauty of Sonoma county and the northern California coast has inspired my work for five decades. – Ray

One of the founding members of the Arts Guild of Sonoma in 1977, Ray was an active and supportive member for 30 years. He was a perennial contributor of his time and artwork to the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art as an Advisory Council member, a Wet Paint donor, and an exhibitor in the Biennial and Sonoma Collects exhibitons. He also taught private classes in watercolor and oil painting.

Ray’s work is in numerous public and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Some of his more notable exhibitions have been in the Crocker Museum, Sacramento, The University of New Mexico, Richmond Art Center, Boise State University, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, California Museum of Visual Arts, and the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. He received the Bronze California Discovery Award in 1994 and was voted Sonoma City Artist Treasure in 1997. Ray was awarded a grant from the Pollock Krasner Foundation in 2003.

Ray Jacobsen Official Website

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