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Richard Wagener

Tundra by Richard Wagener, 1986, Wood Engraving, 9×6

Mount Morrison by Richard Wagener, 2009, Wood Engraving, 5/8, 6×4 – SOLD

Outlook II by Richard Wagener, 2006, Wood Engraving, E/, 5×3 – SOLD

Richard Wagener was born in California, where he continues to work today, creating meticulous wood-engravings. This technique involves engraving the image on the mirror-smooth surface of a meticulously prepared endgrain woodblock.

Wagener first earned a degree in Biology from the University of San Diego. However, the artistic impulse won out, and he went on to acquire an MFA in painting form the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

In 1980 Wagener switched from paint to printmaking. His prints have been incorporated into a number of illustrated books, most notably those created at Peter Koch Printers. His works in these books are included in the Special Collections of the New York, Boston, San Francisco and Zurich libraries, as well as several prestigious University libraries. He has had exhibitions in England, Paris, Korea and throughout the United States. – Warnock Fine Arts

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