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Joyce Ertel Hulbert

 Hulbert, Discarded Identities 1 Hulbert, Constellation II Hulbert, Nocturne Hulbert, La Terra Hulbert, Circles In A Grid Hulbert, Constellation #1 Hulbert, Griffon Hulbert, Suspension Hulbert, ORA  Hulbert, The Kindly Monster Hulbert, The Serpent Hulbert, The All Seeing Eye Hulbert, The Lily That Hears All Hulbert, The Duck Hulbert, Tree Bark Entities

Bark II by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, Paper, fabric, wood veneer, bark, ink, panel. Wrapped resist, frottage, assemblage, 78 x 33 x 3

Interstitial/Cellophane by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, Digital Print on polyester mesh; paint on cellophane Printing, hand work and painting, 2019, 83 x 55

Hulbert, Discarded Identities 1Discarded Identities by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2000, Mixed Media drawing, fabric, found object, 12x15x2

Hulbert, Discarded Identities 2Discarded Identities by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2000 – alternate view, underneath fabric

Hulbert, Constellation II

Constellation II by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, Mixed Media on Canvas, 38×29

Hulbert, NocturneNocturne by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 1990, Wool Tapestry, 28×37

Hulbert, La Terra

La Terra by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 1997, hand woven hand dyed Gobelin Tapestry, 77-1/2×35-1/2

Hulbert, Circles In A GridCircles In A Grid by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2011, Archival Digital Print on Fabric, 41-1/2×41-1/2

Hulbert, Constellation #1

Constellation I by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2007, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60x40x4

Hulbert, Griffon

Griffon by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2002, Mixed Media & Assemblage, 48-1/2×34-1/2, Heraldry Series

Hulbert, SuspensionSuspension by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2006, Ink on fabric, wood raffia, 31x46x4, From Wilderness Quartet

Hulbert, ORA

ORA by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2008

Hulbert, The Kindly MonsterThe Kindly Monster by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2005, Mixed Media & Assemblage, 24×24

Hulbert, The SerpentThe Serpent by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2005, Mixed Media & Assemblage, 24×24

Hulbert, The All Seeing EyeThe All Seeing Eye by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2005, Mixed Media & Assemblage, 24×24

Hulbert, The Lily That Hears AllThe Lily That Hears All by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2005, 24×24

Hulbert, The DuckThe Duck by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2005, Mixed Media & Assemblage, 24×24

Hulbert, Tree Bark Entities

Tree Bark Entities by Joyce Ertel Hulbert, 2005

Joyce Ertel Hulbert works in assemblage/collage, drawing, and tapestry. From tapestry Joyce includes narrative and mural size compositions, and the assemblage process best represents the associative and cumulative way she builds her perspective. Drawing and writing are primarily her work on paper, and photo collages the way she keeps things rolling while she is thinking of the next step in an art series. Joyce has also maintained a written journal since around 1990, which documents her art process alongside her study and reading of natural philosophy, poetry, and art.

Joyce was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 1, 1957. She received her BS in Textile Technology and Design from North Carolina State University in 1980. Joyce continued her education in New York at Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology, and in Tennessee at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. In 1983 she apprenticed at Scheuer Tapestry Studio in New York, and in 1989 at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine.

During the next few years, Joyce attended various seminars in the Conservation of Textiles with conservators Judith Hoefnik de Graaff, Leslie Smith and textile scholar Milton Sonday, at Mills College, ICCROM Institute in Rome, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. In 1981 she moved to New York City, married husband Mark Hulbert, and remained there until fall of 1985. The couple then moved to the Bay Area and spent 14 years in San Francisco, before relocating to Berkeley.

Joyce has been nationally and internationally exhibited since 1985, including the publication of her art and articles in numerous books, catalogs, and magazines. She started exhibiting her work in tapestry in 1985, and assemblage/collage in 1994. Since 1988 she has been the proprietor of Joyce Hulbert Tapestry and Textile Restoration in Berkeley.

Since August 2006 Joyce has worked as Collections Manager for the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, where she has orchestrated the receipt of over 150 donations to the museum and permanent collection, as well as organized and offered to the public numerous programs focusing on collecting and the Collection.

Joyce taught a course in Textile Conservation with fellow conservator Nanette Skov in Peru in 2004, and recently trained volunteers and conserved a group of historic quilts for exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. She has mastered skills in Gobelin tapestry technique, conservation sewing techniques, archival mount design, and the custom dyeing of protein fibers. Presently, Joyce continues to maintain her art and art conservation studio, as well as participate in the Artist in Residence Program at KALA Art Institute in Berkeley.

– From Joyce Ertel Hulbert Official Website

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