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Art Inspired by the Natural World 2015

Posted on | January 31, 2015 | Comments Off on Art Inspired by the Natural World 2015

The myriad forms of nature have always been inspirational to artists. This exhibition encompasses a vast range of artistic interpretations from traditional landscapes and realistic depictions of flora and fauna to abstracted evocations of the artist’s emotional response to the natural world. Also on display, a broad selection from our inventory of vintage estate works, as well as a special preview of the David Williams Collection of Wissa Wassef tapestries from Harrania, Egypt.

We warmly invite you and your friends to join us for an opening reception on Saturday, January 31st from 4-7pm. Refreshments and lights bites will be served for your enjoyment. Come celebrate our first show of 2015!

Artists include John AndersonJohn Annesley Jr.Antoine, Douglas Ballou, Raymond Barnhart, Paul Beattie, Warren Bellows, Dorr Bothwell, Harold Christopher Davies, Holly Downing, Pamela Glasscock, April Gornik, Karen GreenJohn Langley Howard, Joyce Ertel Hulbert, Ray Jacobsen, Mary Jarvis, Jack Jones, Sun Jones, Amedee Joullin, Reuben Kadish, Gene Kloss, Shiko Kobayashi, Maurice Lapp, Bruce Lauritzen, Laurence A. Lebduska, Mary Tuthill Lindheim, Maurice George Logan, Carolyn Lord, Sherrie Lovler, Sutter Marin, Lucy Martin, Robert P. McChesney, Michael McMillan, Arthur F. Musgrave, Perham NahlMary Bates Neubauer, Libby Newman, Nathan Oliveira, Ida M. Podchernikoff, Isabelle Proust, Ursula Schneider, Louis B. Siegriest, Harry Spiers, Jim Spitzer, Jan Stussy, Inna Talantova, Reese Thornton, Seymour Tubis, Unsigned, Elisabeth VellacottElmer Wachtel, Richard Wagener, Stanley Washburn, Paul Wonner, and many more…

Please click on thumbnails for larger views and more information. *More photos will be posted soon*

A Duck & Her Ducklings Untitled Deep Space Vowel Peaceable Kingdom Synapsescape Ballou, Untitled Paint Music Mandala Mirror In The Woods Bucky La Branch Immaculate Topographical View #2 Multicolored-Horizon Double-Cloud-Sequence-300x258-150x150 Green-Strata1 Beattie-Blue-Space-2-300x262-150x150 Beattie-Grey-Cloud-Column-300x265-150x150 Beattie-Atmospheric-Collage-1-300x300-150x150 Heaven & Earth in Complementary Colors Parallel Words #3 October 1000-Palms-Oasis-CA-300x257-150x150 Connecticut Spring From the Woods Downing, From the Garden Glasscock, Lupine Glasscock, Pitkin Lily Glasscock, Calochortus superbus Glasscock, Shooting Star Glasscock, Calla Lily in Seed Cactus #1 Cacti #2 Calla Chorus Glasscock, March Untitled-Evening Little Red Moons How To Silence The Thing I Can Walk On My Own Untitled w/ Spiders   Mountain & Air Cactus-and-Wheat Dry-Lemons-Persimmons1 Hulbert, La Terra Hulbert, Constellation II Discarded Identities 2 The Kindly Monster Tree Bark Entities Jarvis, 4A14 3A12 Jones, Occupy Jones, Untitled figure Jones, Untitled bird Autumn-Landscape Stump Corn Dancers Coming Hot-Hot-Sunny-Afternoon Across-the-River-300x228-150x150 Bay Feather Giraffe Lindheim, Untitled Lindheim, Night Spirits Lord, Costanoan Cemetery Sweet Hay Dreaming of Emil Lord, Gary's Cactus Collection Peaceful Pacific  Lovler, Inner Resource detail Lovler, Vase and Parakeet Marin, Roar of Babel Marin, Mt Analogue Martin, Honey Mushrooms with Ferns Martin, Grisettes Martin, Foggy Morning Mendocino Lichens Martin, Secrets of the Forest Martin, Coral Mushroom Martin, California Buckeyes Martin, Oak Twig with Lichens Martin, Turkey Tails Arena-57 Lahontan-51 Canyon-Country-61 Canyon Country #23 Young-Bird-199x300-150x150 Twin Clouds Windswept-Trees-Cape-Cod Bound1-260x300-150x150 Hometown-Kansas Land-and-Seascape-Series-IV Acoma Hawk IV Acoma Hawk II Ocean Beach Dunes SHE Down Under Duality Boy-Angel Moapa Summit Desert Moon Desert Landscape Monterey Cypress, Monterey, CA Mother Lode Buildings, Volcano, Amador Co, CA All of My Yesterdays Sonoma Hills Forest Talantova, Stump Beach Talantova, Davenport Talantova, Salt PointThornton, Detritus VI Thornton, Universal Expansion Planetary Unrest Thronton, Runes III Thronton, Runes IX Tubis, The Kiss  Tubis, Cliff Dwelling I  The Cliffs Winter Tubis, Tree Tubis, End of Summer  Tubis, Stormy Sea Tubis, I Am Divided Tubis, Symbols of Existence Tubis, I Am The King Sea Rock with Figures Spring-Landscape Mount Morrison Outlook II Tundra Wonner, Study: Oranges in a Dish

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