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Isabelle Proust

Isabelle Proust (France, 1963 – )


SHE by Isabelle Proust, Buon Fresco, 81-1/2 x 24 – SOLD


Bamboos by Isabelle Proust, Buon Fresco, 25 x 7-5/8   //   Expectancy by Isabelle Proust, 2012, Buon Fresco, 27 x 15

Untitled by Isabelle Proust, Buon Fresco

Book of Memories by Isabelle Proust, Buon Fresco, 2010, 19 x 25

Angel of Pompeii by Isabelle Proust, 2006, Buon Fresco Fragment, 21 x 21

Proust, Which One?...Which One?… by Isabelle Proust, 2011, Buon Fresco, Perroquet aux fleur rouge, 13-3/4×20

The Ibis by Isabelle Proust, 2008, Buon Fresco, 19 x 17

Proust, La Confusion des GenresFresco Fragment by Isabelle Proust, 40-1/2×13

Proust, IcarusIcarus by Isabelle Proust, 2010, Dry Point Monoprint, 12×16

Proust, Duality

Duality by Isabelle Proust, 2009, Dry Point Monoprint, 5/A, 16×12

Proust, Boy-Angel

Boy-Angel by Isabelle Proust, 2008, Etching Monoprint, 9-1/2×7

Proust, Down Under

Down Under by Isabelle Proust, Dry Point Monoprint, 1/1, 26×10

Proust, Unknown 2 (Blue)

Unknown 2 (Blue) by Isabelle Proust, Dry Point Monoprint, 20-1/2×28-1/2

Isabelle ProustParisian born in a time of transcendence, I have always been on the fringe… A dash of craziness, a pinch of foolishness, some iced courage made me a soft rebel, a dreamer, an intense lover… of life. Encompassing these influences is my quest.

I began my work with Buon Fresco as an artistic medium over 20 years ago. At that time I was working with a recognized San Francisco interior designer with the shared objective to add art to an otherwise staid dicipline. Through my years of personal introspection, I continue developing my art.

My fresco fragments are multi-layered as life is many stories. The themes are those of myths, my story interlaced with humankind. The fading effect re-enforcing the idea of impermanence, induces a feeling of unveiled dreamlike longing.

My inspiration is my European upbringing. It reflects my strong attraction to history. Without understanding our past we have no future.

The technique of Buon Fresco (true fresco technique) is one of the most durable painting mediums used throughout the world since early times, especially known for its development in Italy during the Roman Empire and during the Renaissance. In acknowledgement I use the Italian term.

7 years ago, I began creating etchings: the Dry Point technique, which translates as engraving a plate – metal or plastic – with a steel needle point on a pen-like stick. I process the inking of the plate as a monotype, which gives a definitive uniqueness to each print.

My other artistic outlet of over 30 years in photography. My portfolio of artwork offers old Continental techniques that fit well in a contemporary setting. Most of my art pieces are available framed or unframed per your request.

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