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View Our Online Exhibition “The Immigrants”

Posted on | September 1, 2020 | Comments Off on View Our Online Exhibition “The Immigrants”

Mary Rose by Alejandro Salazar, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 24

T H E    I M M I G R A N T S

Our new online show features works by immigrants to the United States from all over the world. The purpose is to show the value that immigration brings to our country, bringing fresh perspectives and rich diversity. A closed society tends to suffocate creativity. Our cultural landscape is enhanced by every new voice. This is not only true of art and culture, but of every aspect of a functioning society. Whether one considers business, technology, politics, or any other aspect of life, we cannot thrive and move ahead without embracing every point of view.

Featured artists include Adela Akers, Valenti Michael Angelo, Mirko Basaldella, Etleva Belishova, Bertha Bonart, Carl Oscar Borg, Hans Gustav Burkhardt, Francisco Cornejo, Frode Dann, Maria de Los Angeles, Francis deErdely, Roy Gover, Iva Hladis, Matsumi Kanemitsu, Dong Kingman, Paul Kuhn, Laurence Lebduska, Irving Norman, Christian Quintin, Alejandro Salazar, Ursula Schneider, Jacques Schnier, Martin Schreiber, Florence Francis Snell, Antonio Sotomayor, Juergen Strunck, James Suzuki, Inna Talantova, Horst Trave, Serge Trubach, Elisabeth Vellacott, Herman Volz and Edouard Vysekal.

Click here to access the entire virtual exhibition. While this is an online only show, all works are for sale and can be viewed in person by appointment only. Click on an image for more information and to see other works by the artist.

The Ocean of Subconscious by Etleva Belishova, Oil on linen 40 x 65

          No. XI by Horst Trave  //  Origins Extinct #88 by Iva Hladis  //  Zen in Blue by Matsumi Kanemitsu


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