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Featuring an Eclectic Array of Primarily 20th Century Artwork


Posted on | October 13, 2012 | Comments Off on EXTRAORDINARY!

We have assembled an eclectic collection of paintings, sculpture, and graphics in many styles, from many periods of time, created around the globe. What could these works of art possibly have in common? Each is, in its own way, extraordinary.

As part of this show we are including a number of Mexican and Mexican American works in celebration of the upcoming Dia de los Muertos, as well as our own altar and other works examining the theme of life and death.

Artists include: Valenti Michael Angelo, John Annesley Jr., Akira Arita, Doug Ballou, Genevieve Barnhart, Raymond Barnhart, Jayme Barr (Noble), Alberoi Bazile, Paul Beattie, Warren Bellows, Karl Benjamin, Billy Al Benton, Eugene Berman, Francisco BoresCarl Oscar Borg, Dorr Bothwell, T. C. Cannon, Francisco Carrasco, Enrique Chagoya, Jean Charlot, Bernard Childs, Charles Coleman, Alan Crane, Bill CutlerCharles Harold DavisHarold Christopher Davies, Holly Downing, Easton, Mary Erickson, Claire FalkensteinFaralla, Charles Griffin Farr, Michele Ferandell, Helen Forbes, Roy Forkum, Ben Foster, Evelyn Glaubman, Pamela Glasscock, James Ford Grant, Karen Green, Gustave Greux, Oswaldo Guayasamin, Edward HagedornFran Hardy, Alexander Harrison, Eugene Higgins, John Langley Howard, Joyce Ertel Hulbert, John IhleMary Jarvis, Reuben Kadish, Kai-saGene Kloss, Shiko KobayashiWalter Egel Kuhlman, Bertha Landers, Lawrence A. LebduskaMary Tuthill Lindheim, Alexander Francois Loemans, Jill London, Carolyn Lord, John Lynch, Kate MaherMary Fuller McChesney, Robert Pearson McChesney, Michael McMillan, Leopoldo Mendez, Benito Messeguer, Marion G. Messinger, Elsa Michaelson, Emmanuel Catarino Montoya, Karima Muyaes, Perham Nahl, Mary Bates NeubauerLibby NewmanIrving Norman, Pablo O’Higgins, Nathan Oliveira, Philip Pearlstein, Carol Peek, Henri PfeifferMina Pulsifer, Christian Quintin, Saul Raskin, Walter H. Rich, Arturo Rivera, Birger Sandzen, Ursula Schneider, Jacques Schnier, Millard SheetsLouis Bassi Siegriest, Jim Spitzer, Juliette Steele, Edna Lehnhardt Stoddart, Guido Strazza, James Everett StuartJan Stussy, Seymour Tubis, Elmer Wachtel, Richard Wagener, Stanley Washburn, June Wayne, William T. WileyPenny Wolin, Zev, and many more…

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