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The Human Presence in Art

Posted on | March 9, 2013 | Comments Off on The Human Presence in Art

Portraiture, figure studies, and genre paintings have long been staples of art production. At their best, as in all great art, the subject matter is just a vehicle for a far deeper expression of feeling or thought. While abstractions, still lives, and landscapes may or may not directly reference human beings or their influence on the world around them, they can be quite revealing of the artists’ inner worlds. Thus, I think it’s safe to say all art inherently expresses the human presence. So, whether showing the inside, outside, or both, this is an exhibit of a broad range of humanistic expression.

Artists include: Clinton Adams, Ella Alluisi, Valenti Michael Angelo, Doug BallouGenevieve Barnhart, Raymond Barnhart, Dorothy Geraldine Baugh, Alberoi BazilePaul Beattie, Carl BeetzKarl Benjamin, Remy BlanchardBenjamin Canas, T. C. CannonJean Charlot, Bernard Childs, Roy De Forest, Francis DeErdely, William Dole, Holly Downing, Easton, Charles Griffin FarrMichelle Ferandell, Roy ForkumBen Foster, Pamela Glassock, J. T. GodyJames Ford Grant, Karen Green, Fran Hardy, Alexander Harrison, Joseph Hirsch, John Langley Howard, Raymond Howell, Joyce Ertel Hulbert, Mary Jarvis, Ynez Johnston, Kai-saEmmanuel Mané-KatzGene Kloss, Walter Egel Kuhlman, Bertha Landers, Mary Tuthill LindheimCarolyn Lord, John Lynch, Kate Maher, Mary Fuller McChesney, Robert Pearson McChesney, Michael McMillan, Émile René Ménard, Emmanuel Catarino MontoyaPerham NahlIrving NormanMaud Oakes, Karima Muyaes, Otis Oldfield, Nathan OliveiraPhilip Pearlstein, Carol Peek, Isabelle Proust, Mina PulsiferChristian QuintinSaul RaskinArturo Rivera, Noel Rockmore, Yankton Sioux, Millard Sheets, Emil Izzy Sher, Otto Wolfgang Spiess, Jim SpitzerRichard Stephens, Edna Lehnhardt StoddartJan Stussy, Dick Swift, Albin TemplemanEarl Thollander, Seymour Tubis, UnknownUnsigned, Edouard Vysekal, Richard Wagener, Anna WalinskaWilliam T. Wiley, Penny Wolin, Zev (Daniel Harris)

Please click on thumbnails for larger views and more information.

Birth-of-Venus-II-150x150 The-Photographers-150x150 Girl-with-Locket-150x150 Girl-with-Flower-150x150 Palm Prints Scrapper O'Plywood - Beach Bear Driftwood Mask Shrine1-150x150 Immaculate-150x150 Untitled Multicolored-Horizon-300x300-150x150   Beattie-Grey-Cloud-Column-150x150 Beattie-Atmospheric-Collage-1-150x150 Poker Players Abstraction-150x150 Drawing1-150x150 Drawing2-150x150 Grandmother Gestating Father and The Washita River Runs Ribbon Like Pilgrims-150x150 Pe-Le, Goddess of the Volcano Dogman & Indian Sea-Fragment-241x300-150x150 In The Mirror From the Woods MuseAllegory1-150x150 In Antique Times the Ladies Danced - view 1 Graveyard at Mendocino Pyramid Peice, grey Moonlight-Fantasy1-150x150 A Clump of Pines Calla Chorus Spring Riot Oncidium cross Hibiscus syriacus Sugar-Loaf-Mountain-Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil-150x150 Agua Azul 8a Untitled w/ Spiders Color Complaint Joshua Tree Blossoms Brittany Coast Survivor-150x150 Nevada-Rancher-282x300-150x150 The-Way-Must-Be-150x150 Jazz Band The Kindly Monster Tree Bark Entities Larva Mexican-Village-150x150 Corn Maiden & Serpent Musicians Corn Dancers Coming Nemesis-300x241-150x150 The-Earl-of-B1-150x150 Homage-to-John-Gardner-Grendel-235x300-150x150 Morning-Light-271x300-150x150 Talpa, New Mexico Womb of the World Desert Song #2 Hormones Mary Lou's View New Born Spring Peaceful Pacific Winter Succor Relics Sick Football Player In-The-Bosch-The-Hague-150x150 Untitled Coyote-Goddess-2-150x150 Snake-Goddess1-116x300-116x150 Arena-46-300x208-150x150 Lahontan-5-150x150 Lahontan-41-150x150 Lahontan-51-150x150 Canyon-Country-36-150x150 Canyon-Country-39-150x150 Galaxy-16-150x150 Crucifixion-150x150 Helping-Hand-300x219-150x150 Girl-with-Brooch-206x300-150x150 Young-Bird-150x150 Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Twin Clouds Spitfire MK IA Rolls Royce Merlin III 1940 When The Moon is Full Cuisine The Cabinet Maenad Alignment Hail To The Chief Automne Lydia n`de Los Manos de Aztlán Untitled Bound1-150x150 Playful-Surf-244x300-150x150 From-Work-150x150 Study-for-Arrivals-Departures-150x150 Hot-Spring-150x150 Matriz-150x150 Pato-Pescado-y-Mis-Nalgas-150x150 Acoma Hawk II Two-Reclining-Nudes1-150x150 La Confusion des Genres Unknown 2 (Blue) La-Familia-150x150 A Lake Color of Emeralds The Lovers of Willow Creek Story of Two Women Winter Lake Self Portrait Rivera, Untitled Sacrifice1-274x300-150x150 Ranch Fantasy All of My Yesterdays After Chop-Suey-China-Town-San-Francisco-150x150 I-Remember-That-Day-150x150 Man-in-a-Box-299x300-150x150 River-Rocks-300x225-150x150 Barber-Shop-150x150 Street-Scene-South-of-the-Boarder-150x150 Winter San Miguel & The Devil New Mexico Theater Design Vysekal-Nude--150x150 Nude-Study-150x150 Mount Morrison Outlook II Tundra Romantic-Landscape1-150x150 Cloud-Moon-150x150 Monk-in-Nebraska.1 What Does A Jew Do In Jackson Hole? Unicorn-150x150

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