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The Fantastic Vision of Alejandro Salazar Opening Reception Saturday, August 25th 4-7pm

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Figure Birthing by Alejandro Salazar, 2017, Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30

The Fantastic Vision of Alejandro Salazar

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, August 25th 4-7pm // EXHIBITION : August 25th – October 6th, 2018

Calabi Gallery is excited to present “The Fantastic Vision of Alejandro Salazar!” Born and raised in Colima, Mexico, Salazar has been widely exhibited throughout the United States and Mexico since 2010, and now maintains a studio in Santa Rosa, California.

Artist Statement: “I am a Mexican painter who has lived in the United States for 17 years. I always wanted to create art, but that was not an option growing up in a small town in Mexico in a conservative family, so I became a Computer Engineer. I began expressing myself with digital art in 2011 but after realizing there was a disconnect between myself and the images I created, I started to physically draw and was able to then see myself in those lines and smudges.

Looking at modern artists and studying their paintings, I wanted to achieve their power and feeling rather than replicating their visual effects. I am more interested in expressing feelings and emotions rather than the surface appearance of things. My imagery tends to be impulse shaped by the process itself as it evolves flowing from luck, intuition, and some reasoning to control the chaos. I follow the flow of the images and let them control me instead of controlling them.

As easy and naive as some of my imagery might appear, I find my work very hard to create; from finding the right medium on each piece to fighting the battle of honesty and uniqueness that an original piece of work requires. I want to create a painting that has no ego, that is an honest exploration of my spirit.

We are living in a time where economic interest has detached any kind of beauty from the art world. My goal is to find another type of beauty that speaks to modern times, and perhaps with this my art will still touch peoples spirits, and offer consolation and hope in these shallow and troubled times.

I consider my work beautiful with the beauty that a children’s drawing has. Beauty in the naive, showing the world as I see it; ignited with the pure delight of creating and sharing with others.”

As usual the gallery will also be showing a wide array of other art for your viewing pleasure, including work by Douglas Ballou, Paul Beattie, Robert McChesney, Arthur Okamura and Michael Ramos.

Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, August 25th from 4-7pm. The exhibition will run August 25th – October 6th, 2018.


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