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Summer Selection Exhibition 2013

Posted on | July 13, 2013 | Comments Off on Summer Selection Exhibition 2013

Calabi Gallery presents “Summer Selection” A new selection of works by gallery artists and from our inventory of vintage art. Please join us for an opening reception July 13th 5-8pm. This event coincides with the downtown Petaluma July ArtWalk so other venues in town will also remain open after usual business hours for your viewing pleasure.

Artists include Valenti Michael Angelo, Doug Ballou, Genevieve Barnhart, Raymond Barnhart, Paul Beattie, Carl BeetzWarren BellowsBilly Al BengstonKarl Benjamin, Eugene Berman, Edward BoreinCarl Oscar BorgHans Gustav Burkhardt, Benjamin Cañas, T. C. CannonCharles Howard DavisRoy De ForestFrancis DeErdely, William Dole, Holly DowningEaston, Claire FalkensteinCharles Griffin Farr, Michelle Ferandell, Roy ForkumBen FosterPamela Glasscock, J. T. Gody, James Ford GrantKaren Green, W. Hart, Eugene HigginsCharles H. Howard, John Langley Howard, Raymond HowellJoyce Ertel Hulbert, Mary Jarvis, Emmanuel Mané Katz, Walter Kuhlman, Paul KuhnMary Tuthill Lindheim, Seymour LocksJill LondonCarolyn Lord, John Lynch, Virginia MaitlandMary Fuller McChesney, Robert McChesney, Michael McMillanMarion G. Messinger, Karima MuyaesLibby NewmanNathan Oliveira, Harold Persico Paris, Carol Peek, Ida M. PodchernikoffIsabelle Proust, Mina PulsiferHenry Ward Ranger, Saul Raskin, Arturo RiveraLouis Bassi SiegriestJim Spitzer, Edna Lehnhardt StoddartJan Stussy, Seymour Tubis, June Wayne, Richard WagenerWilliam T. Wiley, Penny WolinZev, and many more…

Please click on thumbnails for larger views and more information.

Girl-with-Locket Girl-with-Flower Palm Prints Scrapper O'Plywood - Beach Bear Driftwood Mask Shrine Immaculate Orange-Wall Structured-Space Multicolored-Horizon Extended-Deck-31 Extended-Deck-261 Green-Strata1 Beattie-Blue-Space-2-300x262-150x150 Beattie-Grey-Cloud-Column-300x265-150x150 Beattie-Atmospheric-Collage-1 Poker Players October Lavender/Blue/Yellow Reflection Reflection - Blue Reflection - Green/Yellow Ala Morandi Bottles Walkway to the Sea Mañana Corrida Abstraction Appian Way A Band of Horses Desert Clouds Untitled-300x243-150x150 Untitled Abstract Grandmother Gestating Father and The Washita River Runs Ribbon Like In-Maytime Footsies Sea-Fragment In The Mirror From the Woods MuseAllegory1 In Antique Times the Ladies Danced - view 2 Ancient Postures: Pledge Torso, Turbulent Husband of the Earth The Errant Tree of Life Ozymandias Les Demoiselles  Mountain Poem Feline Sandal Untitled Graveyard at Mendocino Pyramid Peice, grey Moonlight-Fantasy1-260x300 A Clump of Pines Calla Chorus Oncidium cross Hibiscus syriacus Sugar-Loaf-Mountain-Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil Happy Hour - Var. 1 Cordoba - 1 Agua Azul 8a Untitled w/ Spiders Color Complaint The Farmhouse Souvenir Mountain & Air Dry-Lemons-Persimmons1 Corn1 Seed-Puff The-Way-Must-Be Nocturne Discarded Identities 2 The Kindly Monster Tree Bark Entities 3A12 Larva Musicians Nemesis Morning-Light Untitled-Abstract Womb of the World Desert Song #2 Hormones Seymour-Locks-Untitled Untitled2 Peaceful Pacific Winter Succor Relics Sick Football Player Abstract-Composition Untitled Coyote-Goddess-2 Snake-Goddess1 Arena-46 Arena-57 Arena #61 Lahontan-5-300x224 Lahontan-12-300x224 Lahontan-30 Lahontan-41 Lahontan-51 Canyon-Country-36 Canyon-Country-39-300x300 Point of View #18 Galaxy-16 Galaxy-25-300x224 Young-Bird Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Twin Clouds Spitfire MK IA Rolls Royce Merlin III 1940 The-Search2 Matriz Land-and-Seascape-Series-IV Acoma Hawk IV Small Forms In A Square Ocean Beach Dunes La Confusion des Genres Unknown 2 (Blue) La-Familia Autumn-Landscape1 Self Portrait Rivera, Untitled Desert-Moon1 All of My Yesterdays Sonoma Hills After Bridge Patsy's Garden I-Remember-That-Day River-Rocks-300x225 The Kiss Cliff Dwelling I End of Summer Stormy Sea Visa-224x300 Mount Morrison Outlook II Tundra Cloud-Moon Monk-in-Nebraska.1 What Does A Jew Do In Jackson Hole? Unicorn-201x300

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