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From Landscape to Mindscape

Posted on | March 24, 2011 | Comments Off on From Landscape to Mindscape

The classic landscape has been a mainstay of fine art for centuries, but continues to be a viable form of expression when created with inspiration. Landscape has also long been used as a springboard for abstract art, a distillation of the feeling of place. And then there are the landscapes of the mind, those hidden places in the dark recesses of the artist’s imagination. These visions may be unique, but often strike a chord of recognition, just as a traditional landscape does. As usual, the exhibition includes a variety of fabulous artists of the present and past. Please join us for this voyage of discovery! Our From Landscape to Mindscape opening reception will be held Sunday, March 20th, from 2 to 5pm.

Artists include: Berenice Abbott, John Annesley Jr., Andrea Bacigalupa, Doug BallouGenevieve Barnhart, Raymond BarnhartPaul Beattie, Warren Bellows, Eugene Berman, Carl Oscar Borg, Dorr Bothwell, Ray Boynton, Wynn Bullock, T. C. Cannon, Will Collier, Frode Dann, Charles Howard DavisFrancis DeErdely, Holly DowningEaston, Helen Forbes, Roy Forkum, Cyris J. Fulton, Evelyn Glaubman, Pamela GlasscockJ. T. Gody, April GornikJames Ford GrantKaren Green, Edward HagedornJohn Haley, Art Hazelwood, Eugene HigginsJohn Langley HowardRaymond Howell, Joyce Ertel Hurlbut, Ynez Johnston, Amedee Joullin, Gene Kloss, Walter E. Kuhlman, Bertha Landers, Lawrence A. LebduskaAlexander Francois Loemans, Maurice George Logan, Jill LondonKate Maher, John Martin, Xavier MartinezMary Fuller McChesney, Robert P. McChesneyMichael McMillan, Knud Merrild, Emmanuel Catarino Montoya, Arthur F. Musgrave, Perham Nahl, Mary Bates NeubauerLibby Newman, Irving Norman, Harold Persico Paris, Carol Peek, Mildred Young PneumanIda A. PodchernikoffDorothy Wagner PuccinelliHenry Ward RangerBirger Sandzen, Ursula Schneider, James Milton Sessions, Louis B. Siegriest, Nell Sinton, Hassel SmithFlorence Francis Snell, Antonio SotomayorJim Spitzer, Peter Stackpole, Richard StevensEdna Lehnhardt Stoddart, Jan Stussy, Seymour Tubis, Elmer Wachtel, Richard Wagener, Anna Walinska, Stanley Washburn, Penny Wolin, Zev, and more.

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