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Summer Selection 2015

Posted on | July 7, 2015 | Comments Off on Summer Selection 2015

Calabi Gallery’s 2015 “Summer Selection” features works by Douglas Ballou, Eva Belishova, & Bob Dreier, as well as many other gallery artists.

Please join us for an opening reception on Friday, July 3rd from 5-8pm. Refreshments will be served for your enjoyment. On a special note – we will be celebrating the birthday of our dear friend John Starkey! Please come on down & join in the fun! We hope to see you there!

Artists include Richard Amend, Douglas Ballou, Eva Belishova, Easton, Roy De Forest, Bob Dreier, Pamela Glasscock, Abraham P. Hankins, Tim Haworth, Raymond Howell, Joyce Ertel Hulbert, Mary Jarvis, Sun Jones, Mary Tuthill Lindheim, Carolyn Lord, Sherrie Lovler, Virginia Maitland, Sutter Marin, Lucy Martin, Robert P. McChesney, Joan MitchellArthur F. Musgrave, Libby NewmanIsabelle ProustMichael Ramos, Deborah Remington, Rosalinda Ruiz-ScarfutoAlejandro Salazar, Jim Spitzer, Inna TalantovaReese Thornton, Christian Velastegui, Zev (Daniel Harris), and many more…

Please click on thumbnails for larger views and more information.

Amend, Abstract Composition Ballou, Synapsescape Ballou, The Moment Between Ballou, Mandala Mirror Crow Bear North Pacific Neptune Bucky La Branch In The Woods Paint Music Belishova, Libra Boy Belishova, Untitled Belishova, Untitled MuseAllegory1 The Sphinx Rule 3 Husband of the Earth Mountain Majesty Inclined to Feeling 2 Albert Asa's Mask  Hearth Mountain Poem Kokopellis-Chosen-1 Dogman & Indian Dreier, Transformation I Glasscock, Zinnias Calla Chorus Glasscock, Sunflower Glasscock, Irises Glasscock, Brodiaea Glasscock, Calochortus superbus Glasscock, Calla Lily in Seed Cactus #1 Cacti #2 Hankins, Untitled Haworth, Fishing Powell-Street-at-Night Hulbert, Constellation II Discarded Identities 2 The Kindly Monster Tree Bark Entities  Jarvis, 1J14 Jarvis, Woodgrain 2F14 Jarvis, Woodgrain 3A12 Jones, Untitled figure Jones, Untitled bird Lindheim, Untitled Lindheim, Night Spirits Lindheim, Dancer Lord, Costanoan Cemetery Lord, Sweet Hay Lord, Peaceful Pacific Lord, Dreaming of Emil Lord, Gary's Cactus Collection Lovler, Vase and Parakeet Lovler, Great Moments Lovler, Inner Resource detail Maitland, Abstract Composition Marin, Roar of Babel Marin, Mt Analogue Martin, Honey Mushrooms with Ferns Martin, Grisettes Martin, Coral Mushroom Martin, California Buckeyes Martin, Oak Twig with Lichens Martin, Turkey Tails Arena-46-300x208-150x150 Lahontan-22-230x300 Lahontan-51 Point of View #18 Young-Bird-199x300-150x150 Mitchell, Tree II Windswept-Trees-Cape-Cod Land-and-Seascape-Series-IV Proust, SHE Proust, Bamboos Proust, Which One?... Proust, Duality Proust, Boy-Angel Proust, Down Under Ramos, Pure Energy Ramos, Illusion Wall Ramos, Levels Remington, Untitled Abstract Ruiz-Scarfuto, Ode to Mt Tam & Gary Snyder, Study I Salazar, Untitled Landscape Salazar, Tres Figuras y un Perro Salazar, Breaking the Enchantment Salazar, Untitled Salazar, Pescador de Hombres Salazar, Floral Drawing Salazar, Untitled Blue Drawing Salazar, Tres Caras My Harbor Bridge Sonoma Hills Talantova, Stump Beach Talantova, Davenport Talantova, Salt Point Thornton, Detritus VI Thornton, Universal Expansion Planetary Unrest Thronton, Runes III Thronton, Runes IX Velastegui, Spring Velastegui, Summer Zev, The Secret Zev, Unicorn

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