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Postwar Modernism of the West 2014

Posted on | November 15, 2014 | Comments Off on Postwar Modernism of the West 2014

In the aftermath of the Great Depression and World War II there was an explosion of creativity in the arts. The historical record has focused on New York as the new art capitol of the world, which it was, but this burst of creative energy occurred throughout the country. The Bay Area, in particular, was a hotbed of experimentation in new modes of artistic expression.

While the western states suffered from a dearth of “serious” galleries who could properly promote this new crop of artists, there was certainly no shortage of artistic talent. Pollock, Rothko, Guston, and many others who achieved fame and success in New York came from the west. Their creative vision was born in the west, but New York, as the marketing center, drew them east.

Many other great artists developed their unique approaches to art in the west, but having chosen to ignore the siren call of New York, failed to find the financial success of their colleagues who made the move. This exhibition is devoted to a select group of western postwar artists who deserve more attention than they have received.

We warmly invite you and your friends to join us for an opening reception on Saturday, November 15th from 4-8pm. Refreshments and tasty finger foods will be served for your enjoyment as usual. Cheers!

Ella Alluisi, John AndersonPaul Beattie, Karl BenjaminHans Gustav BurkhardtRoy De Forest, Tim Eich, Faralla, Charles Griffin Farr, Charles H. Howard, John Langley Howard, Robert B. Howard, Ray Jacobsen, Harry Jacobus, Ynez Johnston, Walter E. Kuhlman, Maurice Lapp, José Ramón Lerma, Mary Tuthill Lindheim, John Lynch, Sutter Marin, Robert P. McChesneyMarion MessingerLouis Nadallini, David Park, Danny PierceDeborah Remington, Louis B. Siegriest, Jim Spitzer, Jan Stussy, Reese Thornton, Seymour Tubis, and many more…

Please click on artist name or thumbnails for larger views and more information.

The-Photographers Tiburon-Dock2 Untitled Deep Space Vowel Topographical View #2 Multicolored-Horizon Extended-Deck-31 Green-Strata1 Beattie-Blue-Space-2-300x262-150x150 Beattie-Grey-Cloud-Column-300x265-150x150 Abstraction Untitled-300x243-150x150Dogman & Indian Footsies Graveyard at Mendocino Souvenir Mountain & Air Howard, Quarry's End Jacobus, Untitled Tribal Coast Homage-to-John-Gardner-Grendel Across-the-River-300x228-150x150 Witch Doctor-Butterfly Man Untitled Mano de la diosa Lindheim, Untitled Lindheim, Night Spirits Lindheim, Dancer Relics Sick Football Player Marin, Roar of Babel Marin, Mt Analogue Yellow-Eye-Protest-232x300-150x150 Arena-32 Arena-46 Arena-57 Lahontan-51 Messinger, Timelessness Messinger, The Search Nadalini, Untitled Abstraction Park, Musical Instruments Devonian Striation Remington, Man in Chair Remington, Untitled Abstract Moapa Summit Siegriest, Miner Going to Church Desert Moon Monterey Cypress, Monterey, CA Mother Lode Buildings, Volcano, Amador Co, CA The Landing  After Forest-150x150 Thornton, Universal Expansion Planetary Unrest Thronton, Runes III Thronton, Runes IX Tubis, The Kiss  Tubis, Cliff Dwelling I  Tubis, Winter


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