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Memento Mori

Posted on | September 14, 2013 | Comments Off on Memento Mori

Calabi Gallery presents ”Memento Mori.” In anticipation of El Dia de los Muertos we are showing art relating to themes of life and death. As usual, we will also display a selection of works from our inventory unrelated to the main show. Our opening reception coincides with the downtown Petaluma second Saturday ArtWalk on Saturday, September 14th from 5-8pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to view our newest selection while enjoying refreshments during extended business hours!

Artists include Ella Alluisi, John Anderson, John Annesley Jr., Antoine, Doug Ballou, Alberoi BazilePaul Beattie, Warren Bellows, Virginia Bendixen, Billy Al Bengston, Karl BenjaminEugene Berman, Hans Gustav Burkhardt, Benjamin Cañas, Ed Corbett, Alan Crane, Francis DeErdely, Holly Downing, Easton, Mary Erickson, Charles Griffin Farr, Gerard Fortune, Pamela Glasscock, James Ford Grant, Karen Green, Oswaldo Guayasamin, Alexander Harrison, Art Hazelwood, Joyce Ertel HulbertMary Jarvis, Ynez Johnston, Jonnsip, Emmanuel Mane-Katz, Gene Kloss, Branko Kovacavich, Walter KuhlmanLawrence A. Lebduska, Mary Tuthill Lindheim, Carolyn Lord, John Lynch, Robert McChesney, Michael McMillanLeopoldo MendezEmmanuel Catarino Montoya, Karima Muyaes, Libby Newman, Irving Norman, Pablo O’Higgins, Maud Oakes, Nathan OliveiraPhilip Pearlstein, Carol Peek, Isabelle Proust, Arturo Rivera, Noel Rockmore, Georges Rouault, Gary Schatan, Jim Spitzer, Jan Stussy, Earl Thollander, Patricia Ts–, Seymour Tubis, Augustin Ubeda, Unsigned, Juanita Judy Vitousek, Zev, and many more…

Please click on thumbnails for larger views and more information.

The-Photographers Peaceable Kingdom Scrapper O'Plywood - Beach Bear Palm Prints In The Woods Bucky La Branch Lobo Loco Heads on Fire Driftwood Mask Scream Untitled Multicolored-Horizon Orange-Deck Extended-Deck-31-300x298 Extended-Deck-261-296x300 Green-Strata1 Beattie-Blue-Space-2 Beattie-Grey-Cloud-Column Beattie-Atmospheric-Collage-1 Tonal Sunset October Lavender/Blue/Yellow Reflection Reflection - Blue Reflection - Green/Yellow Ala Morandi Bottles Taos-Pueblos Mañana Corrida Abstraction Appian Way Abstract Face Untitled Abstract Drawing1 Drawing2 Holocaust-Sketch13 Fallow Land Sea Fragment From the Woods Downing, Detail MuseAllegory1 In Antique Times the Ladies Danced - view 1 Ancient Postures: Pledge Torso, Turbulent The Errant Tree of Life Husband of the Earth Ozymandias Les Demoiselles  Mountain Poem Feline Sandal Graveyard at Mendocino Fortune, Haitian Cowboys Cactus #1 Cacti #2 Great Basin Wildflowers Untitled Rub al Kali 8a Happy Hour - Var. 1 Cordoba - 1 Untitled w/ Spiders Homenaje al Che Brittany Coast Battle of Monetary Policy Hope American Cyclops Money Bags Drug War Circles In A Grid Nocturne Discarded Identities 2 The Kindly Monster Tree Bark Entities 3A12 Larva Tribal Coast Musicians Corn Dancers Coming The-Earl-of-B1 Morning-Light Giraffe Womb of the World Desert Song #2 Hormones Persimmon Pudding 1 June Clouds Passing Over Damask Roses November Afternoon Aquamarine Morning Sweet Hay Dreaming of Emil California Hollyhock Peaceful Pacific Winter Succor Relics Sick Football Player Arena-46 Lahontan-12 Lahontan-30 Lahontan-41 Lahontan-51 Canyon-Country-36 Canyon-Country-39 Jubilee Festival Girl-with-Brooch Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Twin Clouds Spitfire MK IA Rolls Royce Merlin III 1940 Grinding-Maize-Cuautla Lydia ¡Puro Alma Apachicano! n`de Calaveras Norteñas Homenaje a Eugenio Abrego-La Calavera Nortena Los Manos de Aztlán Untitled Máscara Matriz-200x300-150x150 Pato-Pescado-y-Mis-Nalgas-202x300-150x150 Eva-en-el-Mar-226x300-150x150 Adam-y-Eva-en-la-Tierra-300x226-150x150 Land-and-Seascape-Series-IV From-Work The-Market1 Twelve-Holy-People Acoma Hawk IV Two-Reclining-Nudes1 Lucas Valley La Confusion des Genres Unknown 2 (Blue) Rivera, Untitled Sacrifice1 Miserere-et-Guerre Buena Vista Social Club All of My Yesterdays After Patsy's Garden Man-in-a-Box Street-Scene-South-of-the-Boarder The Kiss Cliff Dwelling I New Mexico Theater Design Hawaiian-Fishing-Folks-300x215-150x150 The-Secret Unicorn

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