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Summer Show 2016

Posted on | July 18, 2016 | Comments Off on Summer Show 2016

The gallery’s Summer Show features work by 3 Sonoma County artists who are new to the gallery, Terry Holleman, Bernadette Howard, and Bambi Waterman. While their works have little in common in terms of medium, style or subject matter, they all share a sensibility of revering and preserving the natural world or natural ways of being human.

Bambi’s exquisite porcelain depictions of coral polyps, while delighting the eye, call attention to the fact that they are seriously endangered. Bernadette’s polar bear has a similar impact, and her abstractions also suggest wonder at the cosmos. Terry’s atmospheric depictions of country dances are contemporary, yet appear deceptively retro and nostalgic due to the fact that this type of timeless sharing of the human spirit is also somewhat endangered.

Recent acquisitions to our collection of vintage works will also be on display as well as our usual eclectic selection from gallery artists. An opening reception was held on Saturday, July 16th from 4-7pm.

Artists include Douglas Ballou, Paul Beattie, Warren Bellows, Dorr Bothwell, Holly Downing, Faralla, Morris Graves, Luke Park, Terry Holleman, Bernadette Howard, John Langley Howard, Robert P. McChesney, Yoshio Minomura, Nathan Oliveira, Isabelle Proust, Michael Ramos, Alejandro Salazar, Jim Spitzer, Inna Talantova, Seymour Tubis, Bambi Waterman, and many more..

Ballou, Focus Ballou, See Life 1 Ballou, Paint Music Ballou, Random Specific In The Woods Bucky La Branch Collage Planet #4 Multicolored-Horizon Beattie-Atmospheric-Collage-1-300x300 Green-Strata1 Beattie-Blue-Space-2-300x262-150x150 Beattie-Grey-Cloud-Column-150x150 Conversation with Monet Bellows, Heaven & Earth in Complementary Colors Bellows, Parallel Worlds #3 Bothwell, Spanish Keepsake Bothwell, Keepsake from Paris 1000-Palms-Oasis-CA-300x257-150x150 Downing, Detail Faralla, Chest Faralla, Untitled Faralla, Object Relief Graves, In The Night Holleman, Street Dance holleman-dg-at-rancho-nicasio holleman-i-saw-the-hawks-at-aubergine holleman-roadhouse holleman-denim-wedding-at-aubergine holleman-firemans-ball Holleman, Concert at Studio E Howard, Beginnings Howard, Points of View Howard, Land Grab 1 Cactus-and-Wheat Dry-Lemons-Persimmons1 Seed-Puff Nevada-Rancher Arena-46-300x208-150x150 Arena-62-300x150-150x150 Lahontan-51 Point-of-View-15 Galaxy-25 McChesney, Galaxy #21 Oliveira, Acoma Hawk III Oliveira, Acoma Hawk II Proust, Which One?... Proust, SHE Proust, Bamboos Proust, Duality Proust, Boy-Angel Proust, Down Under Salazar, Fishes Hanging Salazar, Mother and Child Salazar, Untitled Landscape Salazar, Tres Figuras y un Perro Salazar, Pescador de Hombres Salazar, Floral Drawing Salazar, Untitled Blue Drawing Salazar, Tres Caras Spitzer, Bridge over Kinnikinnick Spitzer, Space Egg The Endless Journey Talantova, Stump Beach Talantova, Davenport Talantova, Salt Point Tubis, The Kiss  Tubis, Cliff Dwelling I  Tubis, TreeWaterman, Coral Polyps Waterman, Coral Polyps red Waterman, Coral Polyp orange Waterman, Coral Polyps purple Waterman, Coral Polyps blue Waterman, Coral Polyps turquoise Waterman, Morphology 1 Waterman, Morphology 2 Waterman, Morphology detail 1 Waterman, Morphology detail 2 Waterman, Touch Waterman, Sound Waterman, Sight Waterman, Taste Waterman, Smell

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