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Spring Selection 2015

Posted on | April 18, 2015 | Comments Off on Spring Selection 2015

Calabi Gallery’s 2015 “Spring Selection” features contemporary artists Michael Ramos, Alejandro Salazar, Jim Spitzer, and Christian Velastegui as well as many others. The gallery will continue to display a portion of our previous exhibition with additional selections of unusual antique, modern and contemporary artworks from our collection.

Please join us for an opening reception on Thursday, April 16th from 5-8pm. Refreshments will be served for your enjoyment. We hope to see you there!

Artists include Douglas Ballou, Warren Bellows, Holly Downing, Pamela Glasscock,  Joyce Ertel Hulbert, Mary Jarvis, Sun Jones, Sherrie Lovler, Sutter Marin, Lucy Martin, Robert Pearson McChesney, Yoshio Minomura, Louis NadaliniIsabelle Proust, Michael Ramos, Alejandro Salazar, Jim Spitzer, Inna Talantova, Christian Velastegui, and many more…

Please click on thumbnails for larger views and more information.

Ballou, Untitled Mandala Mirror Crow Bear North Pacific Neptune Bucky La Branch In The Woods Paint Music Heaven & Earth in Complementary Colors Parallel Words #3 October From the Woods Downing, From the Garden Glasscock, Lupine Glasscock, Pitkin Lily Glasscock, Calochortus superbus Glasscock, Shooting Star Glasscock, Calla Lily in Seed Cactus #1 Cacti #2 Calla Chorus Glasscock, March  Hulbert, Constellation II Discarded Identities 2 Tree Bark Entities Jarvis, Woodgrain 2F14 Jarvis, 4A14 3A12 Jones, Untitled figure Jones, Untitled bird Lovler, Great Moments Lovler, Inner Resource detail Lovler, Vase and Parakeet Marin, Roar of Babel Marin, Mt Analogue Martin, Honey Mushrooms with Ferns Martin, Grisettes Martin, Coral Mushroom Martin, California Buckeyes Martin, Oak Twig with Lichens Martin, Turkey Tails Compo-A5 Arena-46-300x208-150x150 Lahontan-41 Lahontan-51 Nadalini, Untitled Abstraction Proust, SHE Proust, Bamboos Proust, Which One?... Proust, Duality Proust, Boy-Angel Proust, Down Under Ramos, Pure Energy Ramos, Illusion Wall Ramos, Levels Salazar, Untitled Landscape Salazar, Breaking the Enchantment Salazar, Untitled Salazar, Pescador de Hombres Salazar, Floral Drawing Salazar, Untitled Blue Drawing Salazar, Tres Caras Spitzer, Space Egg The Endless Journey The Landing All of My Yesterdays Bridge Talantova, Stump Beach Talantova, Davenport Talantova, Salt Point Velastegui, Pachamama Velastegui, Tree of Life Velastegui, Summer Velastegui, Spring Velastegui, Rainforest Tagahery Taromenani


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