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Beyond Borders 2014

Posted on | September 5, 2014 | Comments Off on Beyond Borders 2014

This exhibition is essentially about diversity. We will showcase a wide variety of artists who worked in other countries or came here from other lands. Native Americans and artists from regional non-mainstream cultures will also be represented, as well as art whose content simply defies categorization.We warmly invite you and your friends to join us for an opening reception on Friday, September 5th from 5-8pm.

Antoine, Martha Arquero, Alan Azhderian, Douglas Ballou, Genevieve Barnhart, Raymond Barnhart, Dorothy Geraldine Baugh, Alberto BazileWarren Bellows, Eugene BermanFrancisco BoresHans Gustav Burkhardt, Benjamin Cañas, Rafael Canogar, Maurice ChapuisJean Charlot, Roy De Forest, Francoise Debert, Francis DeErdely, William Dole, Holly Downing, Ignacio Duran, Easton, Faralla, La Fortune Felix, Howard Foote, Roy Forkum, Gerard Fortune, Pamela Glasscock, J.T. Gody, James Ford Grant, Karen Green, Oswaldo Guayasamin, Art Hazelwood, Ester HernandezJoseph Hirsch, Joyce Ertel Hulbert, Ray Jacobsen, Mary Jarvis, Ynez JohnstonJack Jones, W. Joseph, Branko Kovacevic, Bruce Lauritzen, Lawrence A. Lebduska, José Ramón Lerma, Carolyn Lord, Robert P. McChesney, Michael McMillan, Emmanuel Catarino Montoya, Karima Muyaes, Mary Bates Neubauer, Irving Norman, Pablo O’HigginsMaud Oakes, Nathan Oliveira, Carol Peek, Henri Pfeiffer, Danny Pierce, Andre PierreIsabelle Proust, Man Ray, Arturo RiveraNoel Rockmore, Alejandro Salazar, Gary Schatan, Louis Bassi SiegriestJim Spitzer, Lionel St. EloiJuliette Steele, Edna Lehnhardt Stoddart, Guido Strazza, Juergen Strunck, Earl Thollander, Mary Trujillo, Seymour Tubis, Elisabeth Vellacott, Allison WhalenPenny Wolin, Paul Wonner, and many more…

Please click on artist name or thumbnails for larger views and more information.

Peaceable Kingdom Arquero, Bear Storyteller Ballou, Untitled Paint Music Mandala Mirror Crow Bear North Pacific Neptune Bucky La Branch Shrine Immaculate Mexican Village Untitled Heaven & Earth in Complementary Colors Parallel Words #3 Reflection - Blue Appian Way Nocturnal Cathedral Earth Untitled-300x243-150x150 Untitled Abstract Drawing1 Drawing2 Floral-Still-Life1 Pilgrims Dogman & Indian Fallow Land Sea Fragment In The Mirror Rain God 1 MuseAllegory1-150x150 The Sphinx Rule Husband of the Earth Mountain Majesty Inclined to Feeling 2 Albert Asa's Mask  Hearth Faralla, Chest Faralla, Untitled Faralla, Object Relief Faralla, No 66Sumby Moonlight-Fantasy1 Fortune, Haitian Cowboys Cactus #1 Cacti #2 Red Form: Calochortus venustus Calla Chorus Sugar-Loaf-Mountain-Rio-de-Janeiro-Brazil Little Red Moons How To Silence The Thing I Can Walk On My Own Untitled w/ Spiders Homenaje al Che Drug War If This Is Death I Like It Survivor Discarded Identities 2 Tree Bark Entities Scout 3A12 Tribal Coast Jones, Labor Action Jones, Occupy Bay Feather Giraffe Witch Doctor-Butterfly Man Untitled Mano de la diosa Sweet Hay Dreaming of Emil Peaceful Pacific Arena-46 Lahontan-51 Point-of-View-14 Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Twin Clouds Mexican Burros Las Memorias Lydia ¡Puro Alma Apachicano! n`de Homenaje-a-Leopoldo-Mendez-Contra-la-Benedicion-del-Poder-Nuclear-by-Emmanuel-C-MontoyaLas Manos de Aztlán Montoya, Untitled Máscara Matriz-200x300-150x150 Pato-Pescado-y-Mis-Nalgas-202x300-150x150 Eva-en-el-Mar-226x300-150x150 Adam-y-Eva-en-la-Tierra-300x226-150x150 Hometown-Kansas From-Work The-Market1 Twelve-Holy-People Abstract-Composition Devonian Striation La Reine Congo Dance Pierre, St. Jaques SHE Down Under Duality Boy-Angel Rivera, Untitled Sacrifice1 Miserere-et-Guerre Salazar, Untitled Mi Puta Cruz Buena Vista Social Club Spanish Hill Town The Landing All of My Yesterdays Sonoma Hills Patsy's Garden St. Eloi, Le Malade Pre-Columbian-Designs-300x245-150x150 Witches-Meeting Strazza, Untitled Street-Scene-South-of-the-Boarder Trujillo, Storyteller Figure wm Tubis, The Kiss  Cliff Dwelling I Sea Rock with Figures Fruit of the Vine Homage to Cy Santini's Successful Endeavor Jazz Pianist Well Squeezed Wonner, Study: Oranges in a Dish

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