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Woodblock Prints by Michael McMillan

Posted on | November 21, 2015 | Comments Off on Woodblock Prints by Michael McMillan

Michael McMillan has had a long and exceptionally diverse and creative career in the visual arts. He has worked as an abstract expressionist painter, a graphic designer, a sculptor, a cartoonist, a filmmaker, and a printmaker. Perhaps best known for his groundbreaking work as a cartoonist, he has mostly concentrated on his printmaking in recent years. This show is focused on the woodblock prints of the last 15 years.

Also featuring a gallery group show with many artists including Douglas Ballou, Mary Jarvis, Sherrie Lovler, Lucy Martin, Michael Ramos, and Alejandro Salazar. As usual, a selection of our vintage works will be on view as well.

An opening reception was held on Saturday, November 21st from 4-7pm.

Artists include Douglas Ballou, Paul Beattie, Karl Benjamin, Rafael Canogar, Roy De Forest, Pamela GlasscockMorris Graves, Karen Green, Tim Haworth, Art Hazelwood, Joyce Artel Hulbert,  Robert Howard, Mary Jarvis, Ynez JohnstonSherrie Lovler, Sutter MarinLucy Martin, Robert P. McChesney, Michael McMillan, Emmanuel Catarino Montoya, Karima Muyaes, Mary Bates NeubauerNathan OliveiraMichael Ramos, Alejandro Salazar, Louis Bassi SiegriestJim Spitzer, Inna TalantovaSeymour Tubis, Elisabeth Vellacott, Alison Whalen, and many more…

Ballou, The Moment Between North Pacific Neptune Bucky La Branch In The Woods Paint Music Topographical View #2 Green-Strata1 Beattie-Blue-Space-2-300x262-150x150 Beattie-Grey-Cloud-Column-300x265-150x150 Abstraction Dogman & Indian Glasscock, Zinnias Calla Chorus Glasscock, Sunflower Glasscock, Irises Glasscock, Brodiaea Glasscock, Calochortus superbus Glasscock, Calla Lily in Seed Cactus #1 Cacti #2 Graves, Spirit Bird How To Silence The Thing Little Red Moons Untitled w/ Spiders Haworth, Canyon I Haworth, Canyon II Haworth, Crescent Lake Haworth, Raven Haworth, Box Canyon Haworth, Storm on the Mountain Haworth, End of the Bay Haworth, Foothills  Haworth, Cold Winter Night Drug War Hulbert, Constellation II Tree Bark Entities Discarded Identities 2 Howard, Quarry's End Jarvis, 1B15 Jarvis, 2B15 Jarvis, Woodgrain 3A12 Johnston, Tribal Coast Lovler, Great Moments Lovler, Frame of Mind Lovler, Window View Marin, Roar of Babel Martin, In the Woods Martin, Armstrong Woods Martin, Oak Twig with Lichens Arena-46-300x208-150x150 Lahontan-51 Canyon-Country-18  Point of View #18 Galaxy-25 Helping-Hand McMillan, Home on the Range McMillan, Architectonic McMillan, Brain Trainer McMillan, Buffaloes McMillan, Deflation McMillan, Haut Couture McMillan, My Old Flame McMillan, Night Flight McMillan, Smoke Your Butts McMillan, Submerger McMillan, The Rocks McMillan, Twin Legs McMillan, Woodpecker Tree McMillan, Our Big Living Room 1940 McMillan, Episode 1 McMillan, Episode 2 McMillan, Episode 3 McMillan, Episode 4 McMillan, Episode 5 McMillan, Twin Clouds McMillan, When The Moon is Full Cuisine McMillan, The Cabinet McMillan, Maenad Alignment McMillan, Hail To The Chief Homenaje-a-Leopoldo-Mendez-Contra-la-Benedicion-del-Poder-Nuclear-by-Emmanuel-C-Montoya ¡Puro Alma Apachicano! Montoya, Las Memorias Montoya, Untitled Las Manos de Aztlán Máscara Adam-y-Eva-en-la-Tierra-300x226-150x150 Hometown-Kansas Oliveira, Acoma Hawk III Ramos, Dragon's Perch Ramos, Abstract Elephant Ramos, Unexpected Guest Ramos, Puzzled Salazar, Fishes Hanging Salazar, Untitled Landscape Salazar, Untitled Salazar, Breaking the Enchantment Salazar, Tres Figuras y un Perro Salazar, Pescador de Hombres Salazar, Floral Drawing Siegriest, Miner Going to Church Spitzer, Space Egg The Endless Journey Bridge Talantova, Stump Beach Talantova, Davenport Talantova, Salt Point Tubis, The Kiss  Tubis, Cliff Dwelling I  Tubis, I Am Divided Tubis, Symbols of Existence Tubis, I Am The King  Sea Rock with Figures Fruit of the Vine Homage to Cy Santini's Successful Endeavor Well Squeezed Jazz Pianist


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