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Postwar Modernism of the West Exhibition Opening!

Posted on | October 21, 2011 | Comments Off on Postwar Modernism of the West Exhibition Opening!

Calabi Gallery proudly presents Postwar Modernism of the West 2011. This exhibition will showcase works created after World War II, when a fresh new spirit arose from the ashes of the Great Depression and the most horrific war of them all. The immediate post war years are just a starting point – while the works from 1945 – 1950 are justly celebrated as a turning point in art history, the later works created by these artists as they continued to evolve have often been forgotten as the critics moved on to the latest “isms.”

We will show works from 1945 – 1985, mostly abstract, by artists including Paul Beattie, Karl Benjamin, Dorr Bothwell, Hans Burkhardt, Roy De Forest, Claire Falkenstein, Faralla, Charles Howard, Harry Jacobus, Ynez Johnston, Walter Kuhlman, Seymour Locks, Mary Fuller McChesney, Robert McChesney, Nathan Oliveira, Harold Paris, Mildred Rackley, Jacques Schnier, Louis Siegriest, Hassel Smith, Jan Stussy, Julius Wasserstein, and June Wayne.

Postwar Modernism of the West will open Saturday, November 12th with an opening reception during the Downtown Petaluma Second Saturday ArtWalk from 3-7pm.

Untitled by Roy De Forest, Color Lithograph, Small Edition, Artists Proof, 17-3/8×20-3/4

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