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Howard Foote

Howard Foote (December 15, 1936 – )



Lands Edge by Howard Foote, 2006, Watercolor on paper

Ghost Town by Howard Foote, 2015, Casein on paper

Near the Gate by Howard Foote, 2017-2020, Collage and Acrylic on panel

Displacement by Howard Foote, 2020, Acrylic over collage on panel

Aurora by Howard Foote, 2020, Casein on paper

ARTIST STATEMENT: To experience the breadth and soul of this land is exhilarating. Soon after the beginning of this century I felt the need to further express my feelings about the land. I am surrounded by undulating sensuous hills. I also felt the urge to return to my Abstract Expressionist roots, those years after leaving art school in 1960. There were realistic landscapes in the 1980’s and 1990’s painted in my studio from memory and imagination. My new work though is more process oriented but contains many references to the land and sea.

Distant headlands along the coast tease one’s imagination. A hawk sits patiently atop a pole as vultures spread their wings to dry in the morning sun. The nuances of color that adorn the hills in autumn are incredible. Crows  swoop then lift in broad spirals into the vivid sky. The scream of a cougar at night or storm winds raging through the Eucalyptus. Owls calling each other. There is space in sound. These are some of the things that inform my work.

Most of my work is on paper with small dimensions. I prefer water based pigments; Water color, Casein and Acrylic and I have a great  appreciation for Egg Tempera. Larger pieces on panels also have collage elements. – Howard Foote

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