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Gail Chase Bien

Ellara Triptych by Gail Chase Bien, “Radiance & Ash” India Works

Night Varanasi by Gail Chase Bien, “Radiance & Ash” India Works

Ganges River (Night) by Gail Chase Bien, “Radiance & Ash” India Works

Gail Chase Bien was born in 1946 in Lowell, Massachusetts. She began her training at Tufts University in Medford and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She received both her BFA in 1977 and MFA in 1980 from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. Her work is displayed in galleries and museums throughout the country, and in many distinguished pubic and private collections. She presently lives and works in Napa County.

“Landscape for me has always been a metaphor for the human spirit…voluptuous and barren, calm/eruptive, luminous or shadowed. Living in its lap, one has the pleasure of watching its daily turnings. Unlike the urban experience, man is no longer the monolith, but a humbled interloper in an expanding universe. Nature takes on enormous proportion and significance. One-*s perception of space and time seem irrevocably altered by the fugitive, never fixed properties of water, wind, sun and rain. Light spilling into water can elicit feelings of sublime content or deep introspection. It is this continuous dichotomy, this pushing and pulling, that attracts me to the landscape process. I seek to catch a moment when light, air, and water create a certain volupté and longing.” – Gail Chase Bien

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