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Evelyn Glaubman

Hot Damn Vietnam by Evelyn Glaubman, 1963, Mixed Media, 54×48 – NOW IN THE CROCKER MUSEUM COLLECTION

End Game by Evelyn Glaubman, 1964, Mixed Media, 24×35

The People, Yes by Evelyn Glaubman, 1965, Mixed Media on Canvas, 16×23

Trickle Down (Piss Off) by Evelyn Glaubman, 1995, Mixed Media on Canvas, 67×42-3/4

Stop War by Evelyn Glaubman, 1972, Mixed Media on Paper, 20-3/4×14

ARTIST STATEMENT – I see my life as part of and affected by what is happening around me. No man, woman, is an island. My work has imaged my personal life and concerns. – Evelyn Glaubman

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