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3/16th OFF!

Posted on | March 5, 2016 | Comments Off on 3/16th OFF!

Calabi Gallery invites you to our first sale of a variety of artworks from our vintage collection as well as many others by Douglas Ballou, Warren Bellows, and Jim Spitzer. We will be offering discounts ranging from 3/16th to 7/16th off. Come to the gallery to discover which works are included.

This concept was inspired by C.K.Itamura’s conceptual piece “Ad” which will be on display. In addition, we will be featuring new gallery artist Catherine Daley and our usual eclectic selection of artwork. Opening reception Saturday, March 5th from 4-7pm.

Artists include Douglas Ballou, Warren Bellows, Bertha Bonart, Ray Boynton, Catherine Daley, Roy De ForestEaston, Ekeroth, Claire Falkenstein, Jackson M. Hensley, C.K.Itamura, Mary Jarvis, Paul Kuhn, Jacob Landau, Eire Loran, Carolyn Lord, Sherrie Lovler, Mary Fuller McChesney, Robert Pearson McChesney, Waldo Mootzka, Michael Ramos, Alejandro Salazar, Italo Scanga, Louis Bassi Siegriest, Yankton Sioux, Jim Spitzer, Tuvahoema, Unsigned, Pete Vigil, and many more…

Ballou, The Moment Between North Pacific Neptune Bucky La Branch In The Woods Ballou, Paint Music Conversation with Monet Bellows, Heaven & Earth in Complementary Colors October Daley, Personal Protection Daley, Ex Matris Daley, Pompeii Daley, H2Owe Daley, Spirit Singer Daley, Spirit Dancer Daley, Denali Melting Dogman & Indian De Forest, Montanna Belle MuseAllegory1 Easton, Desert Dolphin 1 The Sphinx Rule Husband of the Earth Inclined to Feeling 2 Albert Asa's Mask  Mountain Poem Untitled ITAMURA, Ad Jarvis, 1B15 Jarvis, 2B15 Jarvis, 3B10 Jarvis, 2B10 Jarvis, 1B10 Music1 Untitled-Abstract The Golfer Lord, Twin Palms of Mendocino Lord, Mid-town Mendocino Lord, Costanoan Cemetery Lord, Sweet Hay Lord, Peaceful Pacific Lord, Flamingo Duet Lord, SLO Eucalyptus Lord, Dreaming of Emil Lord, Gary's Cactus Collection Lovler, Frame of Mind Lovler, Window View Lovler, Great Moments Arena-46-300x208-150x150 McChesney, Desert #27 Estallido-12 McChesney, Estallido #28 Lahontan-22 Lahontan-51 Point-of-View-15 Festival Girl-with-Brooch Ramos, Dragon's Perch Ramos, Unexpected Guest Salazar, Untitled Landscape Salazar, Fishes Hanging Salazar, Tres Figuras y un Perro Salazar, Breaking the Enchantment Salazar, Untitled Salazar, Pescador de Hombres Salazar, Floral Drawing Salazar, Untitled Blue Drawing Salazar, Tres Caras Scanga, Untitled Monterey Cypress, Monterey, CA Mother Lode Buildings, Volcano, Amador Co, CA Spitzer, Space Egg The Endless Journey Sonoma Hills Bridge Spitzer, Patsy's Garden Your World Is All Fucked Up Try Not To Piss On Your Neighbors’ Lawn Judgement of Guidance Mom Was NOT PERFECT --- New Mexico Theater Design

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